Insuring a Classic Truck: 5 Things to Consider

There is a good chance that your classic truck means a lot to you. Maybe you’ve spent a long time restoring it or repairing it. Maybe it was passed down through the generations. Whatever the case is, you want to get your truck covered by an insurance policy. This is why specialty truck insurance is so important and vital to any truck driver. This is especially the case if you have a classic truck – because there is often more at stake than monetary value. Here are five things to consider when insuring a classic truck.

truck insurance

  1. Decide how much coverage you want to get. You can go the basic route and get simple accident coverage – this will protect you from coming out of pocket in the instance of a lawsuit. Another option is to get more comprehensive coverage that covers the other driver’s liability claim and repairs the damage to your truck. If you have a particularly older model truck, you may want to get a more comprehensive plan.
  2. Is your truck used for commercial applications or leisure? This is an important factor to consider because you will usually need a completely different type of insurance if you choose one or the other. If you are using your truck for work, you want to get commercial insurance, because this will also protect the payload or whatever the items you may be hauling. If you are using your truck for the sake of getting around town on the weekend, you may want a simpler plan that offers basic coverage.
  3. Find the total value of your classic truck. There may be a market value for your truck, but the auction value may be much higher. If you want to get a coverage policy that will cover the total damages, appraising the total value is important. So, you may want to get a professional appraiser to have a look at your vehicle. Depending on how it has been restored, your truck may be worth way more than you think.
  4. Do you have good credit? Your credit score may factor into the cost of your total classic truck insurance policy. So, if you have poor credit, you can expect to be paying more for your coverage plan. However, you want to check your credit before you get a quote because there may be an error. If there is, you want to remedy the situation right away, because you don’t want to end up paying more your policy when you don’t have to be. There are a number of ways to clean up your credit, but it starts will having a bird’s-eye view of your score and report.
  5. Purchase your policy from a truck insurance company. When you are trying to find coverage for your classic truck, you don’t want to go to just any insurance company. For instance, the Great West Casualty Company has some great rates for people who need truck insurance. In the end, you can usually work with an insurance agent to customize your plan, but you want to make sure that the company has a deeper understanding and appreciation for truckers than a standard car insurance company.

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A Brief Outline Of The Steps To Facilitate The Process Of Financing Your New Car

A host of advantages is attached with car financing. The most important advantage being you need not have to dent your personal saving in buying a new car. The finances in the form of loan also help to buy a model that you would have otherwise not afford. In fact with a car loan, the repayment period of the loan is also extended. If you want to but a used car to save a few dollars, then also you can obtain finances. However, before visiting the dealership to purchase a car, you need to have adequate information regarding the amount that you need to shell out and whether the product is worth it.

new cars 2014

Calculate your present finances

While applying for car finance, there are few calculations that you need to undertake and it starts with calculating your personal finances. It will help you to decide, how much you can spend to buy a new car. Online payment calculators can be of help in this regard. Websites of different lending agencies have these online tools for the convenience of the borrowers. A monthly budget will help you understand, how much, you can spend as down payments and also the amount that you can spend as monthly installment.

Determine the loan term

The length of the loan is another important factor that you need to consider. The loan term generally ranges in between five and six years. If needed, you can also opt for longer loan term, as it reduces the amount that you need to pay a monthly installment. There are also options for financing at zero percent rate of interest on short-term loans. However, this can increase the monthly payment but the overall payment is less. Once you are sure about the loan amount and the other factors like loan term, APR and likewise, the next step is to choose a car that fits in your budget.

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Stick to the budget

Make sure that you do not exceed your budget, be it for a down payment or the monthly installment or the insurance that you pay for the car. While choosing the car also make sure that it has a good resale value and about its durability. You can refer to the reviews and ratings in this regard. You also need to consider the other expenses that are associated with the car like that on fuel, maintenance, and insurance. Financial institutes like banks, credit unions, cooperative societies, online lenders provide this loan to applicants so you can shop around for the best rate of interest available and also the loan term.

Pre-approval is essential

Of the different lenders that provide finances for new cars, you can choose the one that provides the best offer. If you are eligible for a car loan, you will be provided with a pre-approval by the lenders. This provides leverage while negotiating with the dealer. With a good credit score, you will get a pre-approval at a lower rate of interest. In case you have a low credit score, then you need a co-signer. The pre-approval letter is also applicable if you want to buy a vehicle from the dealers who sell junk car.

Terms of down payment

After you are through with the negotiation of the process with the dealer, make sure that the invoice does not contain any extra or top-up charges related to the different features of the car. After the deal is finalized, you will receive a payment schedule from the dealer. You can pay them through payment in the local branch of a financial institution or through online transfers. With high down payment, you can lower the loan amount and the monthly installments. Verify with your lender regarding the provisions of paying the loan amount, and also if there are any additional charges levied if you pay it in advance.

Author Bio: Megan Gomez works in a reputed credit union and here she has explained the different steps that you need to take while purchasing a new car. She has recently helped one of her clients to purchase a car from dealers that sell junk car

Smoothie Bikes – What is It All About

Ever heard of a smoothie bike? They have been becoming a lot popular in the recent times, all over the globe. There is no known inventor as such for this particular bike. It just looks like a regular bike with a more eco-friendly purpose.

Smoothie Bikes

How is it different from a regular bike?

A smoothie bike is an ordinary bicycle that stands fixed in a place and sometimes has only the front wheel on it. The bike has a small blending jar attached to it. The cyclist who rides the bike will be able to make the blender blend any fruit that is put inside it. There is no energy involved and there is no energy lost in making a perfect smoothie. This is what the whole bike is all about. As it has been introduced for this purpose, it is also called a blending bike. The blending bike consists of regular bicycle parts blended with the machinery for a blender. If the bike has both the wheels attached, the cyclist may be able to ride it along while blending the juice.

However, most of the times, there is only one wheel attached. There are risks that the blended smoothie, the product of your efforts may spill when you are riding it. Hence, you need to choose a bike with just one wheel. The sole idea of this particular creation is to be able to achieve something out of mere physical work, where smoothies are the goal here. The smoothie that you blend is free from preservatives and chemicals and hence it is completely natural. Use a fruit from the organic store to make it more natural and healthy.

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Go for a ride

These bikes are very popular in outdoor events where people have various competitions for the one producing the highest quantity of juice as well as the one who blends a juice first. The competitions held have seen such great appreciation from the audience and have received a lot of participants. The blending bike competition is useful for fitness freaks and cyclists as well as people who want to do their bit in going green. It is the most cost-effective and energy effective way to make a delicious smoothie. When you make a smoothie at home, you need to add sugar and other flavoring agents along with the fruit and use the blender to make the drink. This uses electrical energy and gives your body a good increase in calories. It is well known that sugar increases calories drastically. In addition, adding of flavoring agents that contain chemicals and having the drink often is not a good idea. It might have a major negative effect on your body. This is where the blending bike comes to rescue. You need not worry about sugar and flavoring agents or electricity when you do your smoothie.

You will surely want to taste the original flavor of the smoothie that you made using your own efforts. You can make a bike by yourself or buy one from the store. However, if you are buying, always opt for the single wheeled smoothie bike that is remote and immobile. You can install it either inside your house or in the garden where you can have fresh air while blending your smoothie. If you are not much of an outdoor person, install it in your TV room and shed calories watching TV. The benefit is not pain, nor gain. You exercise and blend your juice at the same time. You lose calories and you gain them. Along with it, you also get the various benefits of cycling that strengthen your muscles.

What To Do If You’re Stranded With Your Car

Having a car can feel like your ticket to life. It brings you to work, school and anywhere else you want to go. That’s why if you ever get stranded somewhere, it can cause you to panic. But don’t worry, here are some go to tips for how to handle yourself if your car ever gets stranded.


 Keep a Gas Can Handy

 The first thing you’ll want to do is make sure that there isn’t something you can do. If you run out of gas frequently, keep a gas can in the trunk for emergencies. Another common problem that can cause your car to not be able to turn on is from the battery dying. If this is the problem, you can simply jump your car using another car and some jumper cables. It’s best to keep jumper cables in your car at all times in case of emergencies.

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 Coast to a Safe Location

 If your car dies while you’re driving it, the best thing to do is to try to coast to a safe location off the main roadway. Turn your flashers on so other cars know that you are coasting and having troubles. You’ll want to stay in your vehicle and call a towing company. If all else fails to call a family member or friend to come to pick you up. Make sure you note what location you are by so you can use this to describe to a towing company or family member when they come to get you. Look for exit signs or mile markers.

 Stranded on the Side of the Road

 There are some misconceptions that you should only stay in your car at night. This is false! It is actually safer to stay in your car in the day and the night because if you get out of your car another car could potentially hit you. At night this is especially true because it will be dark and other people won’t be able to see you. But even during the day, this is a potential risk that you take if you get out of your car.

 Stranded in the Middle of the Road

 If you can’t coast your car to the side of the road before it dies, do NOT attempt to get out and push it to the side of the road. It is safer to just turn on your flashers and keep it in the middle of the road. If you feel that you are really at a potential to get hit by another car in the location that your car stopped, make sure you exit your car cautiously. Only get out if there is a much safer location that you can move to.

 Call 911 if You Must

 If you can’t reach a towing company to come to help you, call 911. They will assist you in getting your car off the road and getting you and your riders to safety. If you choose to stay in your car and wait for services, lock your doors and your windows and do not open them to strangers. If you are choosing to sit in your car make sure you turn the engine off, so the excess fumes don’t cause you or other passengers harm.

 The most important thing to do is stay calm! Make sure you have your emergency contact numbers and a charged cell phone when you drive so you are always prepared.

Why Is The Toyota Highlander The Best Choice For Driving?

The Toyota Highlander is one of the most popular and affordable luxury SUV in the country. As for exterior design, we see a solid front, which is accompanied by a rather flat trend in profile, with a low roofline, reinforcing the sense of size. Aggression is expressed through a hexagon shaped front grill with very sharp and projected sideways headlamps.

The interior, meanwhile, offers great space, comfort, and technology for 8 occupants, high-quality materials, and finishes including light colors, chrome fixtures, and high-quality leather. The roof lining will make riding the Highlander a more comfortable experience. The interior is made up of soft-touch surfaces with quality materials such as brushed aluminum and various wood inserts. The occupants on board can enjoy a new sound system and satellite radio.

The Toyota Highlander is an affordable midsize SUV which has top marks in performance, interior, and safety. It was awarded best overall value for 2013 and it has a high-reliability rating as well.

Toyota Highlander

An average SUV that offers a very solid style and interior prepared for the demands of today’s family, may go up to 8 passengers comfortably within the new Toyota Highlander, and the versatility and comfort are aspects that manufacturers are establishing as a priority, especially when it comes to SUVs, they have to meet a number of features that the customer wants it all.

The ride comfort, with a significant reduction in perceived levels of noise and vibration, is one of the key points that have worked in your Toyota Highlander.

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In this regard, it has been key to adopt new methods of soundproofing and insulation, both the hood and the front windshield and side window glass with a new bill.

Test drivers had very few complaints about the Highlander, as it has a great fuel economy, comfortable ride, powerful V6 engine and well-made interior.

However, the V8 engine is not in the base version of the Highlander. The Highlander is a vehicle made to transport people and their cargo wherever they need to go. It gets a high fuel economy for being an SUV, which is 25 mpg. In addition, it has a ton of family-friendly qualities built in, especially into the interior. It’s a functional and attractive ride while also being considerably comfortable.

In addition, there are all the perks of Toyota’s maintenance package, which includes free two years of maintenance with every new vehicle. There are a ton of deals on the latest new Toyota Highlander inventory. Toyota has really proven with this SUV that it has really listened to Toyota customers and also followed the latest trends while also setting the bar high for the latest cars. Along with comfort, it has all of the high tech features and storage that you expect for a Toyota. If you’re looking for a crossover SUV with a high fuel economy and safety marks, then you have to look for the latest deals on Toyota Highlander vehicles. “

The Answer To Our Financial Problems When Travelling

Who doesn’t enjoy traveling to different destinations? Visiting a new place; be it for work or leisure is always a welcome change from a monotonous life and is a holiday always. However, considering the use of public transport to make your way through the new location may not seem such a welcome idea. This is where economy car rental services may help you out. 

Limited transport options that curb our travel interest 

Going to a new place is interesting only if we have the budget to roam around and plan things at our convenience. However, renting a taxi to every destination may not seem practical and can be heavy on the pocket. The other option before us would be using public transport. This requires a lot of pre-planning and understanding the routes and places we intend to visit. At times, this entire planning process can take away most of the fun from visiting a place.

Financial Problems When Travelling

With public transportation, the time we may get to spend somewhere may be limited. Depending on the location that we are visiting, the frequency of buses, trams or trains may be limited and we would have to plan the entire visit to fit with the availability of commutation options. There is also the issue of getting into parked vehicles with hardly any space to comfortably sit if we have to travel during peak hours. However many people opt for this as it is the most economical way of travel. 

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Economy car rental services offer more relaxation and enjoyment 

Why go through all the hassle of catching and keeping up with public transportation when you can plan your own itinerary at peace with economy car rental services. The price for it may be slightly more than public transport may cost, but it comes at a definite advantage.

Not only do you not have to pay as much as you would for a taxi, but you can also use it to go where you want and when you choose to. Also, most economy car rental services, as the name suggests, are very economical. Hence you do not have to splurge too much money, nor do you have to worry about the quality of the car. It will be in top condition and you can find the vehicle that fits your budget.

With these car rental services, you can relax and enjoy your trip. It will give you a whole load of options to plan your work and leisure at your own pace. If you have a license to go, then this is the best possible option for all your travel needs. You can change plans at a minute’s notice and do what you choose to with such a versatile and user-friendly solution to all your travel needs. It makes it so much more easy and practical, while also being easy on the pocket. Economy car Rental definitely has to be the solution to all our financial problems during travel, while offering the convenience and luxury of a customized travel plan.

Getting the Latest Pre-owned Vehicles as New One

Have you suppressed your dream of buying a new car because of money? A large number of people want to buy a car, but due to the weak financial condition, it cannot be possible for them to procure a new car. Presently, the automobile industry provides its customers the option of buying a pre-owned vehicle with the advantages of a new car. This gives immense joy to the middle-class people as they also have their chances to buy a car of their own. Pre-owned vehicles, also known as used cars or second-hand cars, are obtainable in a variety of channels like a franchise, rental car companies, auctions, private party sales, independent car dealers and leasing offices. These vehicles are called pre-owned because previously they have been owned by one or more retailers.

Reasons for Choosing Used Cars

 Many people wonder why you would want to buy a used car when the previous owners have already consumed its longevity. This is natural. The car lovers always love to update their knowledge with the features of any new model car in the market, but they never try to figure out the advantages of buying a used car. There are many benefits of buying a pre-owned vehicle that we should know before being perplexed with the traditional idea of buying used cars. The customer can come to know about the profit of buying a used car from many outlets like Circle Auto.  The advantages of Circle Auto pre-owned vehicles are given as follows:

  • The certified pre-owned cars are examined on the grounds of safety and performance.
  • The used cars are repaired and renovated by the trained car manufacturers to make it look like new.
  • The pre-owned vehicle facility offers customers an extended guarantee period.
  • The second-hand cars are available in the market at a low price compared to the cost of new ones.
  • When the car is new, it loses its depreciation value faster but when a customer buys a used car the chances of losing the depreciation value is less.

Pretty young woman driving her new car

Well-Accepted Pre-owned Vehicles in the Market

As we come to know the exact features of pre-owned vehicles, now it is requisite to recognize the name of the cars that are supported by the features of used cars. There are many branded cars available in the market in the form of certified pre-owned cars that are as follows:

  • Lexus RX 350 is one of the certified pre-owned cars that can accommodate 4 – 5 persons.
  • Another pre-owned vehicle is the Honda Odyssey that can accommodate eight persons.
  • BMW 5 Series is the pre-owned vehicle that is provided to the customer with 2 years extended guarantee period.

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Circle Auto pre-owned vehicles offer the market a diverse array with additional facilities and services. This car dealing company provides service to Hyundai and Chevrolet cars.

Author’s Bio:

Paul has been writing articles about Circle Auto pre-owned vehicles and its availability in the market. His articles have been appreciated by many car lovers. For detailed information check out Circle Auto pre-owned.